Friday Favorites: Spray Mister

3 12 2010

I think I must have something hardwired in me that gravitates towards alliterations!31D6GBYVAYL__SS500_

New this week, I’m starting Friday Favorites, quick posts that highlight one of my favorite things, whether it be a gadget, a food product,  or a recipe. Occasionally, I’ll probably throw in a product review or two, but the main purpose is to just share items I love for no particular reason other than I love them!

One of my very favorite kitchen items is a spray mister. Instead of buying non-stick spray, I just use this little mister to spray olive oil and achieve the same nonstick end result for a fraction of the cost. (By the way, Trader Joe’s has the absolute best prices on olive oil.) And, I don’t end up with any concerns about propellants, or, the waste product of the used up spray can. It’s a win/win situation.

Have you tried using a mister? Love it? Hate it?




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