Weekly Roundup: 1.15.11

15 01 2011

Saturday greetings, all!

I hope you had a good week, and have relaxing activities on tap for your precious weekend. We have a gathering with old friends this evening, and then a long outdoor bike ride planned tomorrow, rain or shine…something about getting tough for Ironman.

Here were some of my favorite articles from across the web this week:

  • The Problem with the Special K ChallengeJezebel (via Cheap Healthy Good.) I. Love. This. Just last week I was telling 2Chili last week that the Special K diet is a crock and not at all healthy. It’s a marketing scam, a severely reduced calorie diet, full of high fructose corn syrup, and it would be supremely healthier for people to count calories and eat a diverse set of healthy foods. Unfortunately, we live in a society of immediate gratification, and people are likely to follow some manufacturer’s “prescription” because it’s all packaged, pretty and promises success.
  • Kitchen Tips: Making Homemade CroutonsGood Life Eats. This is a quick and easy article on how to save on croutons, use up old bread, and, get way, way better croutons than store bought.
  • Sad Cow DiseaseThe Straight Dope. Don’t read this if you want to continue to enjoy meat. But, it is interesting and thought-provoking.
  • Tips on Freezing Egg YolksThe Seattle Times. Sometimes you just need the whites but don’t want the yolks to go to waste…
  • A Real Food JourneyEating Rules. This was a guest post on ER. Great story of the author’s journey to eat real food. It feels very, well…familiar, aside from the raising cattle aspect. Not sure how well that would go over in the ‘hood, though Seattle is known for its backyard chicken coops!

Have a great weekend!




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