Link Roundup: 2.11.11

12 02 2011

Happy Saturday before Valentine’s Day! Wasn’t it just Christmas? Just saying…

Here are a few of the articles I found interesting across the ol’ Internet this week.

  • Cheap, Healthy, Good and the Triangle of CompromiseCheap Healthy Good. If you are any type of consultant, this will ring true in so many ways. Apply the “triangle of compromise” to your foodie life, and you will have the makings of happiness. Compromise is a good thing, folks. Just ask 2Chili. After 10 years together, he knows a little something about compromise. That, and to eat what he is served…
  • To My HusbandHow Sweet it Is. Speaking of eating what one is served and other husbandly requirements, Jessica over at How Sweet it Is put up a great quote this week from Lyndon B. Johnson. It is fitting for Valentine’s weekend, that’s for sure.
  • On the Value of Low Calorie FoodCasual Kitchen. Honestly, I have thought about this a lot, as I often pay more for food that is lower in calories. For instance, just yesterday, while at Wendy’s for lunch with a friend, I ordered an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad without the chicken and then added hummus I brought from home. I think it is the most expensive single item on the menu, and there aren’t many calories there, but I still happily paid for it because it is pretty much the best choice at Wendy’s. I think it comes down to if you’re buying food in social situations where the company is more important than the food, or, if you’re just buying food. If I was just buying food, I would never be at Wendy’s these days! Anyway, I recommend reading the post and all the comments – there are some interesting perspectives on this topic.
  • Michelle Obama’s Obesity Campaign ‘Let’s Move’ Turns 1: Is It Working?Huffington Post. The headline pretty much sums it up here. This is a good glimpse into the First Lady’s signature program. I, for one, think something is better than nothing in this particular area. I was just telling 2Chili the other day how much I wished I had started running and doing more active sports as a kid, instead of waiting till my early 20s (which are long since gone, of course)…

Have a great weekend!




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