Link Roundup: 2.19.11

19 02 2011

It’s Saturday, it’s Saturday! Yeah! I’m off to tackle a two hour bike ride this morning, hoping the frost on the roads melts by about 9:00. I hope you’re off to do something fun today as well!

Here are a few articles that I enjoyed this week:

  • What to buy and what to skip at Trader Joe’sShine on Yahoo! It is no secret that I am part of the legion of folks that “heart” Joe. I really dislike going to the grocery store in general, but with TJ’s, I can get in, get what I need, and get out in a jiffy. There are things I don’t really buy there (produce thanks to my CSA), and things I only buy there (olive oil, honey, nuts, 2Chili’s cereal). I found this article pretty spot on with my experiences of what to buy and what to skip.
  • The V8 Health HaloFooducate. I am so happy to see Fooducate calling out V8 on its claims. I have always said V8 is really not that healthy, and it certainly is not a health drink in any way, as it is packed with sugar and salt. Anyway, high five Fooducate!
  • Wall of Green” SoupChoosing Raw. I plan on making this soup today or tomorrow to leverage a big pile of greens from our CSA box this week. Perfect timing, thanks Gena!
  • After Menu Labels, Parents and Kids Order Same FoodsNew York Times. I find this completely unbelievable. We have a similar law in King County in Washington that requires any restaurant that is a chain to post their calorie counts clearly on the menu. 2Chili told me he observed someone ordering roughly 3,000 calories of food at Wendy’s yesterday, completely un-phased by the calorie counts staring him in the face. I personally enjoy seeing calorie counts to help influence my dining decisions, but clearly, just putting the info out there isn’t enough to sway some people’s decisions.



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