Hi! Welcome to Test Kitchen Tuesday.

I’m Angela, and I am not a professional chef. Not by a long shot. In fact, I used to do whatever it took to avoid cooking. My husband (also known as 2ChiliBreadBowl) used to think a good meal was prepared out of a Lean Cuisine bag and sizzled up in a skillet in about 10 minutes. But, thankfully, people change!

Early last year, I started really looking at what we were eating, and it was scary. Have you ever read the ingredients list on your favorite convenience foods? Yowza. Once I made the connection that “you are what you eat,” I started changing things around our house.

Change is not easy, and change shouldn’t be overnight, so I have been slowly taking back control of our nutrition. I try to only make a couple of “net new” trial meals every week so that there is not mass pandemonium around the house. A surprise houseguest for dinner one Tuesday when I was trying something new gave me the idea of having a defined trial food day, and, Test Kitchen Tuesday was born. I had been just including recipes on my existing blog, which is more of a look into the “what I’m up to in life” that most folks probably don’t care too much about. That is, unless you enjoy randomness. If you would enjoy way too much dissection of my most recent triathlon, a glimpse into our home improvement projects, vacation or ski days, catch up with me here.

I write about lots of recipes – some I have created, some I am just trying out, but every Wednesday you’ll see our “Test Kitchen Tuesday” meal, which is most often a recipe I have found somewhere in a cookbook or on the Internet. I’ll include skill level required, overall time to table, my taste tester husband’s recipe rating, and any other commentary that is relevant, as well as a link back to the original recipe.

As it turns out, I have lots ot say with regards to healthy eating and living in general, so I also post non-test kitchen recipes (read: those that 2Chili would never consider eating), discuss  healthy eating topics, and provide the occasional product review.

I hope you’ll come along on this journey with us, and I hope you’ll test some new recipes in your own kitchen!


3 responses

4 02 2011

Just stumbled across your blog…can’t wait to keep reading and try your blueberry pie energy bars!

4 02 2011

Hi Karen, yay! And, Welcome!

11 09 2017

I’m loooking for a disc holder and Ninja claims they don’t make one. I see one pictured here. How do I get one? I have the Mega Kitchen System, but not the IQ. Please advise

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