Weekly Roundup: 4.9.11

9 04 2011

Saturday Greetings!

Do you have big plans for this weekend, which promises to offer the first glimpse of impending Spring? We certainly do. I’m making waffles right now (multitasking at its finest) and later we’re off to tackle a 40 mile bike ride. Then, it’s time to cut our grass, which is beginning to look more and more unkempt and overgrown. It’s probably still too wet to really mow, but we have no choice!

Whatever your plans are, I hope you take some time to enjoy yourself this weekend.

Now, on to the links.

  • Will Arizona Lead the Global Anti-Obesity Revolution?The Globalist. Wow, this is groundbreaking stuff. Without getting into the politics of it or my own opinion (because I am not a fan of starting arguments!), the outcome of this legislation will no doubt impact our country. So, no matter your position on government-supported healthcare, the obesity epidemic, or how to solve either, this article is worth a read to see what’s being proposed in Arizona.
  • How to Put Perfectionism in Its PlaceBisto Katie. Hat tip to @emilylevenson for tweeting out a link to this article earlier in the week. I love it when I find a new blog, and this article is a great lesson in expectations and achievement. A lot of people at work ask me about how I find time for everything (writing two blogs, being self-employed, training for a half-ironman, cooking, cleaning, and just overall living!) and I usually tell them: “Well, first off, we don’t have kids. But secondly, I make time – I am efficient.” The second layer to that is, I accept that there are some things I just won’t be able to do. This article reminds you to “bloom where you are,” or, be your best self for the period of time in which you’re living. And for goodness sake, it’s okay to not do it all. Little by little is a great approach to healthy eating and healthy living.
  • When Failure Isn’tNo Meat Athlete. Keeping with our inspirational theme, this is a fantastic article to hit home the “try, try, try again,” adage. I could particularly relate to this article because while I run and I run far – it doesn’t capital_city_marathoncome easily and I am not at all fast at it. I am married to a man who is a former cross country runner to whom running comes naturally and he is very fast at it. He can get off the couch, run a 6 minute mile, and then go back to the couch. It drives me bonkers! I didn’t start running until I was 22, and I only did it to keep my weight in check after college. It is easy for me to get caught up in the “I am just not a fast runner,” but I have to remind myself that running is not just about being fast. Sure, I may never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but that is really unimportant in the scheme of my life. Running is self-empowerment. Running is a key segment of a sport I love. Running keeps my weight down. And, no matter the race, no matter my goal – the beautiful part is I can run.

Okay, for some reason I was feeling wordy with my descriptions today, so I am going to spare you any further links! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch you back here on Monday. I’m working up a recipe for a tasty treat!


Link Roundup: 4.2.11

2 04 2011

I’m not really into April Fools’ Day, so am happy to be past that day unscathed. Image Source: FooducateI have to admit there were a few blog posts/Twitter updates I scratched my head over yesterday until I realized what day it was! This one and this one really got me, and I thought while reading them both, “really?” multiple times. I am so glad that day is over!

Also, I learned something important this week by accident when I didn’t have an ingredient: Tahini is not a good substitute for cashew butter. Trust me on this one!

The great Tahini incident behind us, here are some articles/posts I found interesting over the last week:

  • How to SproutGood Food Health from Full Circle Farm. This reminds me of an elementary school science project, but, oh how easy! I am definitely going to try growing my own sprouts.
  • Tips & Tricks – Egg FreshnessIf You Can Read You Can Cook. This is a great post on how to tell the freshness of your eggs, and all you need is a bowl of water…
  • Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier BagsNew York Times. In a nutshell, food manufacturers are dealing with rising costs, but instead of passing on the cost increases, they are shrinking the size of their products. Very sneaky. Of course with things like this, is usually a one way street – you don’t often see a reversal, even when times are good again, because that would just cut into profits.
  • Lasagna with Roasted Cauliflower Ricotta & Spinach – Veggie Burgher. I was excited when I saw this post from a fellow Project: Food Budget participant, because I’m all about trying new veggie lasagna recipes. As it turns out, she didn’t like this recipe, which was sad, but I also appreciated, as a I had a couple recipes just not work out well for me last week. It is nice to see other people share their new recipe experiences, good and bad. I can so relate – I hate to waste food, which brings up an idea for a new poll coming your way soon…
  • Win Dempsters New Thin Bagels w/ ZestyZesty Cook. Zesty is giving away 10 coupons for a free package of Dempsters Bagel Thins. I am in to bagels and saving money, so I had to share. I should note that Dempsters is a Canadian bagel brand. We don’t have it in Washington State, so I’m not sure about the availability elsewhere in the States. But, if you know you have access to Dempsters Bagels, head on over and throw your name in the hat…

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Roundup: 3.26.11

26 03 2011


I can’t believe it’s the end of March and I’ve been in the middle of a huge blizzard in Lake Tahoe. At the end of March!

Usually, when 2Chili and I roll into town, the skies dry up and the snow turns to sheet ice. This time, we had the opposite effect: so much snow that most of the ski areas actually closed on Thursday and Friday.

Happily, we managed to get in some good fun at one of the few areas that was open yesterday. It dumped snow all day, and I was schooled by the very swift and light-on-his feet 2Chili. Nevertheless, I managed to float my way through 3 feet of fresh powder mostly unscathed! What a day!

Skiing aside, here are some interesting links from the past week:

  • Tips for New BloggersChoosing Raw. I thought this was a great write up about things to keep in mind for new bloggers. While this blog is new, I have written my “Angela’s Random Musings” blog for about five-and-a-half years, but have been reading blogs for longer than that. I have to admit, Gena nailed one of my number one pet peeve of bloggers:  poor spelling and grammar. If I read a blog and there are clear errors (not just innocent typos which happen to everyone), I usually just move along.
  • Soaking Whole GrainsGood Food Health. We all know we should eat whole grains (and no, “whole grain” Trix or Fruit Loops do not count!), but, I honestly didn’t know that whole grains really require soaking to be best digested. This is from the blog of our CSA, Full Circle Farm.
  • DIY Cooking HandbookNew York Times. This handbook could maybe could be called “DIY Handbook to making your own sauces, spreads, and unique condiments,” but it’s pretty interesting. I’m probably not going to make Kimchi or Tesa, but perhaps chocolate-hazelnut paste or maple vinegar might be on my list…
  • HELP: 10 Tips for Picky EatersZestyCook. This one hits home! Like Zesty’s son, 2Chili is also very fond of Kraft Dinner (and ketchup on said mac ‘n cheese, of course). These tips from Zesty are good, and many of them I have already employed around our house. The biggest one I could add is simply to serve what you want to serve. All I ask from 2Chili is he try whatever it is I’m serving. If he genuinely doesn’t like it, out comes the Kraft Dinner. It’s an agreement that works for us!

I hope you’re having a good weekend! Happy Spring!

Weekly Roundup: 3.18.11

19 03 2011

I have lots of interesting content to share with this week, so let’s get right to it.

  • Whole Foods Market Foodie Fantasy Contest – If you are a food blogger, you might want to check this out. Personally, I am not feeling like making or editing a video, but, if you’re so inclined, it could be fun – and there is a free trip to Europe on the line.
  • Two Brilliant Kitchen Tricks (and a recipe) – Eating Rules. You. must. click. this. link! Andrew shares a brilliant (really) trick for making home fries, but I don’t want to give away the punch line. It’s so simple, I honestly couldn’t believe I never thought of this. MP910218849[1]
  • How to Beat the Salad Bar – New York Times. First off, the NYT is going to start charging for its content again, boo. Secondly, these are good tips. I am a big fan of the Whole Foods Salad Bar – those darn green bowls get me every time – but I try to select items that are “light” because it adds up fast. I never really thought about approaching it from a “how much it costs” in the market perspective.
  • How to Substitute Alcohol in Baking and Cooking – Cheap Healthy Good. I rarely want to open a bottle of wine for a recipe, so I generally sub veggie broth in whatever it is, but I hadn’t thought about recipes for baking that call for hard liquor. There are some good tips in here!
  • One Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes for Two – How Sweet it Is. We rarely have cakes or cookies around the house – it is just too dangerous – but this is a great idea from Jessica to make just two cupcakes.
  • Reminder: I’m giving away a copy of the Cafe Flora Cookbook. Pop over here and  make a comment to enter. Really! It’s that easy, and your odds have never been better on a blog giveaway, of that I’m very sure!

Happy Saturday!

Weekly Roundup–3.12.11

12 03 2011

Greetings, all!

Here are a few articles I found interesting this past week.

  •  Vegan Done RealKitchen Parade. This series is in response to Oprah’s infamous “vegan episode,” and I love the point. Vegans and vegetarians do not need processed foods and processed meat substitutes. People, regardless of their meat-eating preferences, need real food! Food made from whole ingredients! Food that tastes good and is easy to make. Check out this link to see 52 “Vegan Done Real” recipes.
  • Making Vegetable Stock From ScrapsPoor Girl Eats Well. (Guest post by Andrew over at Eating Rules.) I have been meaning to do this for ages now. AGES. I have a Ziplock baggie full of potato peels, onion remnants, and various other veggie cast-aways hanging tight in the freezer. I have some carrots and a few other small amounts of loose veggies in the crisper. With Project: Food Budget effectively changing some of my buying habits, why not save the $2-3 I spend on a quart of broth? Today is the day. I will make veggie stock. I will, I will, I will!
  • Looks Aren’t Everything – Peas and Thank You. Mama Pea has done it again. Check out this “cheesy” pasta bake for a spin on a comfort food staple.

And with that, I bid you a Happy Saturday. I have energy bars on the brain lately, so I plan to get in a good bike ride this morning and then create some DIY granola bar goodness later in the day (alongside my veggie stock – odd combo!). If they turn out, I will share with you Monday!

Weekly Roundup: 3.5.11

5 03 2011

Only a few more weeks ‘til Spring, and I’m pretty excited about that! As much as I love to ski, I’m sick of rain – a common feeling around these parts by this time of year.MP900433107 I am ansty to get off the treadmill and onto the streets, off the bike trainer and onto the trails, and most importantly, out of the pool and into the lake. A person can only swim 25 yards back and forth so many times before being totally bored with swimming back and forth in a square!

Winter blues aside, here are some of the articles I found interesting this week.

  • The Cupcake MarathonCook Train Eat Race If you’re in to running and you’re in to cupcakes, this virtual marathon is for you. I signed up for the full 26.2 (it’s free), and there is a 13.1 option too. Run at your own pace over the course of 2 weeks to rack up the miles and you can win some cool prizes.
  • Make it home made: Fried RiceCook, Bake, and Nibble. You know I am a fan of the “use up whatever’s in the fridge” cooking technique, and here is a tutorial on turning the randomness in your fridge into “fried” rice that is way healthier than take out.
  • Bean CakesEmily Levenson. Seriously. Brilliant. If you like crab cakes, check out this bean-based alternative.
  • Infographic: Where Does a Food Dollar Go?Fooducate. This shouldn’t be too surprising, but only about 15% of every dollar spent on food is actually for the food. I can’t say it enough: Joining a CSA is a great way to cut out the middleman on produce and get it straight from the source.

Link Roundup: 2.26.11

26 02 2011

Brrr! It seems winter has reared its head one last time here in the Northwest, and we have been treated to fairly chilly temperatures. Nothing like what the Northeast has experienced this year, by any means, but it is cold and snowy – strange for Seattle. I had to shift a planned 90 minute run to the treadmill on Thursday, and today, I’m off to spin for 2 hours on the bike trainer. Technology becomes incredibly important at these times to provide entertainment and distractions!

Here are some interesting links for the week:


  • A Real Honey of an AnnouncementAngela’s Random Musings. Okay, okay. This is shameless self promotion. I found out yesterday I will be part of the Honey Stinger Hive grassroots sponsorship program. This is quite simply, awesome news. Honey Stinger makes  my most favorite energy products. The ingredients lists are short and organic, and, they are very tasty. The Honey Stinger waffles are sinfully delicious. I’m stoked!
  • Avocado Chocolate Pudding (Seriously)Dishin’ About Nutrition. I have to say, this is one of the more unique food combinations I’ve seen, but, I’m going to try it! Jessica says to run, not walk, to the kitchen to whip this up…and I have 2 avocados that are ripe and ready to go…so that’s what I’m doing, just as soon as it’s a decent hour of the day! Right now it’s still coffee time…
  • Twenty Ways to Get out of a Food Rut – Eating Rules. If you’re in a rut, there might be something on this list to help you shake it!
  • Hyper-caffeinated coffee prices hit 14-year highCNN Money. Now might be a good time to stock up on coffee, if you’re so inclined, ‘cause prices are only going to go up.

Have a great weekend. See you back here Monday!